How to Reduce the Influence of Voltage Drop on LED Strip Light?

First, let’s figure out what is “Voltage Drop”. Voltage […]

First, let’s figure out what is “Voltage Drop”. Voltage drop means gradual loss of voltage source on the strip when electric current mover go through the electrical circuit. This probably will cause uneven brightness of the strip light, if the strip light are too long, like over 5 meters.

So how to reduce the influence of voltage drop, when the strip is too long (over 5 meters)?            

Here we provide our proposals:

  1. Make the PCB board wider or thicker
  2. Both ends of the strip light are connected with power supply
  3. Change DC12V into DC 24V
  4. Install amplifiers to the led strip light, which only works for double color strip, RGB and RGBW strip.LED STRIP VOLTAGE DROP

The above proposals can allow larger and more even electric current pass through the circuit from the beginning to the end of strips, which can help ensure enough brightness of led strips. Our engineers will make a specific solution for your project.

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